Tuesday, 8 December 2009


Hi there !

Sissy Sebastiana here taking this opportunity to welcome you to DIARY OF A SISSY MAID and hope that you find my blogging journal interesting, humorous, imaginative, honest, sincere and above all, representative of the many complex feelings and emotions both our Mistresses and us Sissy Maids experience on a daily basis as a result of living in the wonderful world of Sissydom.
Over the coming months, I hope to give you a intriguing insight into my world : how I accidentally chanced upon the emotional highs and lows of cross dressing the afternoon something deep inside me urged me to take a look inside my mothers bedroom where I began a lifelong relationship with my new " sister " via a gorgeous Charnos coffee coloured and black lace lingerie set. A discovery leading to a life of confusion and guilt as I struggled to keep my secret hidden away and accept my " sister " whenever she called me up to come and visit her ; her in turn knowing I was utterly powerless to resist her feminine charms : to my present day life as my Mistresses trainee Sissy Maid and a life in which I've never been more happier, contented, calm, collected and creative as I go through each day serving my Mistresses needs to the best of my capability in the hopes of becoming her perfect Sissy Maid.
So please join me on my journey because you are all invited and I'm looking forward to hearing from you soon.
Curtsy's and kisses
Sissy Sebastiana xoxoxo